Election 2019: Democrats Take Management Of Va. Legislature, 2 DC-Area County Boards

Incumbent Debra Rodman (D) received election in 2017, receiving 52 % of the vote and defeating her Republican opponent by four points. This was a district the place the incumbent received less than fifty five percent of the vote in the most recent election. Incumbent Schuyler VanValkenburg (D) gained election in 2017, receiving 53 % of the vote and defeating his Republican opponent by 6 factors.
space, Democrat Clinton Jenkins has been known as the winner towards Del. Chris Jones, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, in District 76. Among races elsewhere, Democrat Joe Morrissey has apparently received a state Senate seat despite beforehand commuting to the House of Delegates flooring from jail each day, as a result of a relationship with an underage receptionist at his regulation workplace who is now his spouse.
One incumbent senator, a Democrat, was defeated in the June eleven major election. The Virginia Senate election of 2019 was held on November 5, 2019. All 40 seats within the Senate of Virginia have been up for election. Primaries had been held on June eleven.
Elections for the other offices are nonpartisan. Virginia voted for the Democratic candidate in three out of the 5 presidential elections between 2000 and 2016. The following map particulars the outcomes of the 2017 gubernatorial election by house district. Using Where Does Emma Watson Live 2018 as a baseline, the online result of the redrawing moved the Virginia House map from one the place 51 districts voted for Hillary Clinton (D) and forty nine districts voted for Donald Trump ® to one where 56 districts voted for Clinton and forty four districts voted for Trump.
Controversies involving Virginia’s top three government officials (all Democrats) are within the backdrop for the House elections as well as elections for the state Senate, which Republicans management 21-19. Twenty-5 districts had been affected by the redrawing—nine Republican-held seats and 16 Democratic-held seats. This spreadsheet from Daily Kos shows the magnitude of the effects on every district utilizing knowledge on how the districts voted within the 2016 presidential election. Incumbent David Yancey ® was re-elected in 2017.
Incumbent Republican Stephen Newman has represented the twenty second district since 1996. Incumbent Democrat John S. Edwards has represented the 21st district since 1996. Incumbent Republican Bill Stanley has represented the twentieth district since 2012.